Climbing Railay bay Krabi.

Climbing a high and challenging mountain Another place in Krabi This place is not only a cliff. But when you go up to your destination You can see a beautiful sea view of Krabi sea.

rock climbing

Fun and shallow dance as you sprinkle down the mountain
(Abseiling is subject to weather conditions)

Morning time.

  • 07.30 am. Pick up from krabi Town
  • 08.00 am. Pick up from Aonang  
  • 09.30 am. Pick up in Railay

Afternoon time.

  • 12.00 am. Pick up from krabi Town
  • 12.30 pm. Pick up from Aonang  
  • 13.30 pm. Pick up in Railay

Rock climbing how?

The curriculum that we invent to teach today is For teaching people who have never climbed a cliff before By the first step when customers come to the office The guide will arrange personal equipment for everyone. With a guide to guide the use of the equipment Such as wearing seat belts, shoes, toiletry bags hanging on the back Take a 10 minute boat ride to the cliffs at Railay Bay. Acting as a rope leasing assistant Pull the rope back when doing too much rope loosening. Climbing guides lead to hang the rope on the anchor. Is the highest point of each route The guide pedals down the cliff, the rope-bearer slowly released the rope. To the ground

After that, the beginner will be climbing with a rope hanging on the cliff. Which we call the Top Rope climb,    the height of the climb starts from 5-35 meters, the cliff will not climb but It is a simple route with large gorges, gorges and rocks. Many feet to step on When climbing up, if your hands are tired Want to sit and rest It can be done by just shouting to the person who is holding it. Rope, pull the rope to pull Then sat down on the belt to rest When you get lost, just shout to the person holding the rope again, Will climb the rope, it will be pulled taut immediately Until the climbers reach an anchor with a rope hanging on it Therefore stretching his feet straight off the cliff The rope holder will continue to drop. His feet would kick off the cliff to make him bounce. Until finally reaching the ground with safety The next climber will do the same. Each person can climb 3–4 routes during the 3 hour activity period.

Climbing Railay

Full day rock climbing

In the morning, we will do the same practice as 1⁄2 day, while in the afternoon we will climb as in the morning but we will change to another cliff, in the afternoon we will climb three to four routes during the 3 hour activity period.   
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